Competence Centre for Biometry and Security Systems

The Center of Competence develops and processes innovative projects in the domains of biometry and security systems. It offers a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between renowned research institutions and industry, inside and outside of Germany. The center is part of the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences.

Innovative projects are processed that are subject to high risk, where, however, the development of the results into innovative products by the industrial partners is discernible. The emphasis of the Competence Centre lies on the application (oder use) of data-processing methods in biometry and security systems.

Part of these are digital image processing and image interpretation, intelligent data-analysing methods and knowledge management. Companies and research institutions that want to participate actively in the on-going projects can become members of the Competence Centre.

News and Events

Next Data Mining Tutorial Days

July 17, 2016
New York/USA
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International Conference on Mass-Data-Analysis of Images and Signals

July 9 - 12, 2016,
New York/USA
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